Shelly Hudnall LMT
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Massage Therapist

Do you have stiff shoulders or neck? If your body feels tense, then visiting a massage therapist will ease that tension and provide you with a peace of mind. When you come to Shelly Hudnall LMT, you will experience a massage unlike any other!

We strive to deliver excellent service, affordable rates, and effective results. Your well-being is a top priority for us, and when your body is relaxed, so is your mind. You can feel a drastic difference when you get a massage at our comfortable and friendly establishment!


If you’re in desperate need of a massage, then look no further than Shelly Hudnall LMT where you’ll receive top-quality services! We relieve our clients’ bodies of the tension that they’ve been feeling in their neck or shoulders. From Swedish to mobile massages, you have many options to choose from.

Our goal is to deliver excellent service, affordable prices, and effective results. When your body feels relaxed, so does your mind. These days, people experience a lot of stress and tension, so it’s important to take care of your physical and mental health!

Swedish Massage

A Swedish massage entails stimulating circulation, flushing the circulatory system, releasing tight muscles, restoring range of motion, and relieving pain. It’s considered the most common and best-known type of massage in the West. If you’re looking for this kind of massage, then consider coming to Shelly Hudnall LMT!

Chronic muscle pain usually requires a deep tissue massage in order to relieve it, and a Swedish massage can ensure you find that relief. We prioritize customer satisfaction above all else and do our best to meet customers’ expectations. We want you to have peace of mind and body!

Mobile Massage

When you can’t leave the house or don’t feel like going anywhere, that’s when a mobile massage comes in handy. Here at Shelly Hudnall LMT, we provide mobile massages and go to our clients with our traveling equipment. We want to make your life easier, so we come to you with our services!

From a relaxation massage to deep tissue massage, we perform a wide variety of services in the same manner as when you’d come to our establishment. Your satisfaction is important to us because we want you to feel healthier and happier about your body. When you feel too much tension, you lose that happiness!

Healing Massage

Healing massage, or healing touch, is an energy therapy in which very light or near-body touch influences the energy field surrounding your body. At Shelly Hudnall LMT, we offer this service among many others to bring about natural healing. Your well-being is a top priority and we do all that we can to relieve stress and pain!

There are many benefits and uses for healing massages such as reducing chronic pain, headaches, anxiety, and sleep disturbances. When you feel a spiritual disconnect, then this sort of massage will help you feel more alive. We care about your physical, mental, and spiritual health!

All massages start at $60.00 per hour, additional fees applicable for mobile massage service